An Act of Parliament in the year 1939 was the genesis of Trinidad and Tobago Pilots’ Association.  The Company was incorporated under “The Companies Ordinance, 1938 of the then colony of Trinidad and Tobago, as a Limited Company on the 15th, September 1939 (File No. T 102 C) under the name “The Trinidad Pilots and Berthing Masters Association Limited”. The Association changed its name to Trinidad and Tobago Pilots’ Association on the 12th December, 2007.

The mandate of the Association was to provide pilotage services in designated “compulsory pilotage” areas in Trinidad and Tobago. While pilotage service is the core competence of the organization, the Association provides other related services, such as, Launch Management service, Marine Consultancy and Training for Pilots from other Caribbean islands. The Association comprises a team of committed, highly qualified and trained marine professionals who embrace the core values of Excellence, Integrity, Timeliness, Safety and Teamwork, with the view of, delivering superior pilotage service.  These marine professionals are supported by two teams of employees, who function in the following areas: Operations and Administration.

Trinidad and Tobago Pilots’ Association functions under a government appointed Pilotage Authority, its activities are therefore, bound by the Law’s of Trinidad and Tobago, pilotage Act (chapters 51:02,) and international regulations.  Notwithstanding this, the Association was then and remains a privately owned and managed company.  The shareholders of the company are Marine Pilots and members of the Association.

Trinidad and Tobago Pilots’ Association is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven (7) Marine Pilots.  The Pilot Master assumes overall responsibility for the general management function, with the support of the Deputy Pilot Master and Assistant Deputy Pilot Master.  These positions are voted on by the members of the Association on an annual basis.

The Trinidad and Tobago Pilots’ Association aims to perform services – while having absolute regards for safety, security and the marine environment – in the territorial waters of Trinidad and Tobago with our core business being the piloting of vessels by the Association’s Pilots.

In conducting these services, the Association aims to do so in a professional, customer friendly manner, by deploying well-trained, experienced and motivated Pilots.